The KSA Group provides our clients with direct lobbying support and has extensive experience leading efforts to pass and oppose legislation. We learn as much as possible about our clients’ issues and concerns. We work with the client and strategize with them to come up with a winning plan. We execute our plan and continually advise our clients of our progress. Our consultants all have decades of experiences on both sides of the proverbial table. As former legislative staffers and government policy makers, we understand what it takes to turn and idea into reality. We have a history of identifiable results for our clients. Our staff has the credentials and connections to make the difference for our clients.

We provide:

Advocacy and Lobbying at the State and Local Level

We work with all State Agencies

Strategic Planning

Economic Development


Budget Work

Grant Writing Services

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring

Issue Tracking

Bill Drafting and Bill Analysis

Legislative Research

Outreach and Education

Ally Recruitment – Coalition Building

Energy and Environment Issues

Health Care

Statewide Nonprofits


Redevelopment Capital Assistance